009 Model Listing

009 models are constructed to normal 00 scale (1:76 or 4mm to one foot) but run
on 9mm gauge track (the same gauge as N scale) so allowing N scale components
to be used for the mechanisms. 009 modelling has some advantages over normal
00 modelling in that short trains and sharp curves allow compact layouts to be constructed.

As we don't have a computerised stock database the model listings have
to be maintained manually. Keeping lists up-to-date is difficult and we
suggest that customers e-mail us for the latest prices.


    For illustrations please see www.bachmann.co.uk

  • 391-030 Baldwin 10-12-D Loco Snailbeach black livery, weathered $458.10
  • 391-025A Baldwin 10-12-D Loco WDLR black $417.70
  • 393-051A D Class WDLR open wagon Nocton Estates grey, weathered $91.40
  • 393-027 Bogie goods van LCLR red $111.40
  • 393-075 Set of 3 slate wagons with loads $134.30


    For illustrations please see www.peco-uk.com

  • GR-500UR GVT 4W compartment coach red unlettered $62.30
  • GR-520UR GVT 4W open coach red unlettered $62.30
  • GR-530UR GVT brake van red unlettered $62.30
  • GR 520UG GVT open coach green unlettered $62.30
  • GR-530UG GVT brake van green unlettered $62.30


    For illustrations please see www.dundasmodels.co.uk

  • DM03A Freelance 4W Guard's van $17.50
  • DM04A Freelance 2-compartment 4W coach $17.50
  • DM06 Snailbeach District hopper wagon $13.50
  • DM24 Festiniog 2-ton steel slate wagon $13.50
  • DM31 Festiniog 4W Hudson steel open wagon $17.50
  • DM35 GVT 4W goods van $17.50
  • DM36 GVT 4W end-door open wagon $17.50
  • DM37 Hudson v-tipper wagon $13.50
  • DM75 Freelance panelled 4W third class coach $17.50
  • DM76 Freelance panelled 4W 1st class coach $17.50

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