Parkside Dundas Kit listing. 00 scale 1:76

For illustrations please refer to http://www.parksidedundas.co.uk/

As we don't have a computerised stock database the model listings have
to be maintained manually. Keeping list prices up-to-date is difficult and so
we have not listed these and suggest that customers e-mail us for the latest
prices. Please note that this range has been sold to Peco and we have
been unable to obtain further supplies at present.
  • PA04 Trestle set (as on PC17)

  • PC23 LNER bogie brick wagon
  • PC33 LMS 4-Wheel CCT (D1929)
  • PC43 BR 12t Pipe Wagon (D1/460)
  • PC58 LMS ex MR Goods Brake Van
  • PC59 LMS Fish van
  • PC83 LNER Horse Box 5
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