Parkside Dundas Kit listing. 00 scale 1:76

For illustrations please refer to http://www.parksidedundas.co.uk/

As we don't have a computerised stock database the model listings have
to be maintained manually. Keeping list prices up-to-date is difficult and so
we have not listed these and suggest that customers e-mail us for the latest
  • PA04 Trestle set (as on PC17)
  • PA18 BR FM container diag 201
  • PA21 BR BD container diag 3/050
  • PA22 Chain - 13 links/inch (1 yard)
  • PA23 Chain - 9 links/inch (1 yard)

  • PC13 LNER Bulk Grain Van 1931
  • PC16 LNER 20t Plate Wagon 1940
  • PC17 LNER 21t Trestle Wagon
  • PC18 LNER 21t Twin Bolster 1943
  • PC20 LNER Bogie Sulphate Wagon
  • PC22 BR 16t Mineral Wagon, French Type
  • PC23 LNER bogie brick wagon
  • PC24 LNER (ex NER) bogie bolster wagon
  • PC30 LNER Extra Long CCT (4 Wheel)
  • PC31 LNER 21t loco coal wagon
  • PC32 BR 21t Mineral Wagon 1977 rebuild
  • PC33 LMS 4-Wheel CCT (D1929)
  • PC35 LNER Conflat S with DX container
  • PC37 GWR Python CCT
  • PC38 GWR Mink D Van
  • PC39 SR CCT Planked
  • PC40 LMS motor Car Van(D2026)
  • PC43 BR 12t Pipe Wagon (D1/460)
  • PC44 GWR Bloater Fish Van
  • PC45 BR 13t Medium Goods Wagon - Steel
  • PC47 SR CCT Plywood
  • PC48 GWR Mink G Goods Van
  • PC50 LNER Standard Cattle Truck (D39)
  • PC51 Private Owner grain wagon
  • PC53 BR 12t Insulated Fish Van (D800)
  • PC55 BR 22t Tube Wagon (D1/447)
  • PC57 LNER/BR 10t Insul Fish Van (D134)
  • PC58 LMS ex MR Goods Brake Van
  • PC59 LMS 6t Fish Van D2059)
  • PC60 BR Ale Pallet Wagon (D028)
  • PC64 GWR Beetle Prize Cattle Wagon 1927
  • PC65 BR 12t Palvan (D1/211)
  • PC69 RCH 1923 7-plank wagon
  • PC71 RCH 1923 8-plank wagon
  • PC74 GWR Fruit D (D Y11)
  • PC75 RCH 1923 5-plank mineral wagon
  • PC83 LNER Horse Box 5
  • PC84 GWR 10T Goods Van Mink or Mink A
  • PC85 GWR 6t Insulated Van Mica B
  • PC86 GWR 10t Gunpowder Van Z2
  • PC87 LMS Cattle Wagon D1661

  • DM37 009 Hudson V-tipper wagon
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