Superquick model listing

As we don't have a computerised stock database the model listings have
to be maintained manually. Keeping list prices up-to-date is difficult and so
we have not listed these and suggest that customers e-mail us for the latest

For illustrations please refer to http://www.superquick.co.uk/

  • A1 Platform
  • A2 Country Station Building
  • A3 Island Platform
  • A4 Island Platform Building
  • A5 2-Road loco shed
  • A6 Signal box & coal office
  • A7 Goods depot (brick)
  • A7A Goods depot (stone)
  • A8 Water tower & weighbridge
  • A9 Covered footbridge
  • A10 Terminus station building
  • A11 Station master's house etc.
  • A12 Coaling tower
  • A13 Ash plant
  • A14 Arch bridge/tunnel mouths red brick
  • A15 Arch bridge/tunnel mouths blue brick
  • A16 Arch bridge/tunnel mouths stone
  • A17 Railway arches

  • B21 Swan Inn
  • B22 Two detached shops
  • B23 Two detached houses
  • B24 Greystones farmhouse
  • B25 Police station/library
  • B26 Hay loft & barn
  • B27 Supermarket & shop
  • B28 Two Elizabethan cottages
  • B29 Country Church
  • B30 Four terraced houses
  • B31 Village School
  • B32 Country garage
  • B33 Station hotel
  • B34 Bus Depot
  • B35 Town market hall
  • B36 Country fire station

  • C1 Low relief hotel, offices, etc.
  • C2 Low relief cinema, etc
  • C4 Low relief regency shops, etc.
  • C5 Low relief tce house backs
  • C6 Low relief tce house fronts
  • C7 Corner shop to match C5 & C6

  • D1 Red brick building paper
  • D2 Yellow brick building paper
  • D3 Engineers blue brick building paper
  • D4 Red roof tile building paper
  • D5 Grey roof slate building paper
  • D6 Grey paving building paper
  • D7 Flint walling building paper
  • D8 Grey stone Ashlar building paper
  • D9 Red stone ashlar building paper
  • D10 Grey stone coursers building paper
  • D11 Red stone coursers building paper
  • D12 Grey rubble building paper
  • D13 Red rubble building paper

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