Bachmann USA H0 Model Listing

For illustrations please refer to http://www.www.bachmanntrains.com/

As we don't have a computerised stock database the model listings have
to be maintained manually. Keeping lists up-to-date is difficult and we
suggest that customers e-mail us for the latest prices and availability.

    Steam Locos

  • 56-501 2-6-0 D&RGW with smoke

    Diesel Locos

  • 63308 Also S2 Nickel Plate 127-70
  • 4201 Highrail pickup truck yellow MOW $108.40

    Electric Locos

  • PCC trolley car BTC yellow $75.70

    Passenger Cars

  • 13248 Double-deck passenger car unlettered $70.40

    Freight cars

  • 18644 Ore car DM&IR $24.10

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